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Browser Support
NedilJS works on all modern browsers IE8+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.
All NedilJS APIs and Nedil Widgets are cross browser compatible and works in the same way in all modern browsers
NedilJS is also capable of supporting old browsers and works without any issues in most cases
CSS Type Selector
CSS Type Selectors
Selecting and handling HTML elements is much easier with usage of CSS type selectors

To select an HTML element with id "content"
DOM Manipulation
DOM and Data Manipulation
NedilJS provides a plenty of APIs to manipulate DOM
Two ways of manipulating DOM using NedilJS
$.get("#content").addChild("div"); $.Dom.addChild(HTMLElement, "div");
Stack, Queue data structures and Table like data storage in client with quering APIs are available in NedilJS
DOM Manipulation
AJAX Support
NedilJS provides full support for AJAX and hides all the complexities that come with different browsers
var req = $.Ajax({ url : "SERVER"});
req.send({data : {}, success : SUCCESS_FN, fail : FAILURE_FN);
DOM Manipulation
Animating HTML elements is quite simpler using Animation APIs. Categorized into Location, Dimension, Color and CSS based animations
$.get("#content").animate({ to : { y : "+300"},
anim : "Location.quint.easeout",
duration : 400 }
DOM Manipulation
Light Weight and Free
NedilJS is the smallest JavaScript Framework, yet a complete package with lots of APIs and takes care of browser compatibility issues
NedilJS and Nedil Widgets are 100% free and have been released under MIT License
Color Picker widget Window Dialog widget Tree Widget Calendar widget Ajax Data Grid Widget
Nedil Widgets
More than a dozen of default widgets are distributed along with Nedil JS which can also be customized in several ways.
Nedil Widgets have access to all Nedil APIs. Developers can create thier own widgets by extending Nedil Widgets API.